General Director

Morinaga Milk Industry Group’s slogan is “For Ever Brighter Smiles”. With our effort to deliver products and services that are both “delicious” and “healthy”, Morinaga Milk hopes to bring more smiles to our consumers, which in turn will make our lives better.

We want to combine the trust and achievements that Elovi has built in Vietnam, with the technology that Morinaga Milk Industry Group has polished in Japan in the past 100 years to bring even more “Brighter Smiles” to Vietnam. With that in mind, we have selected “FOR BETTER WELLNESS” as Elovi’s new slogan.


I am always searching for the best financial solution to optimize the use of capital.

NGUYEN THI LUYENCorporate Division
Deputy Executive Director &
Chief Accountant

I seek the best way to deliver our Company’s products to consumers for their enjoyment.

CHU VAN TIEPSales Department
Area Sales Manager

During my free time, I try to learn about new technology or knowledge to apply to my work.

TRAN XUAN THUYCorporate Division HR &
Admin Department Officer

We increase the bond among our team through sport & cultural activities, teambuilding holidays, etc.

TRINH THI VANProduction Division
Packaging Team Leader

”Supporting our team member when they need it the most” is my way to improve work motivation and satisfaction.

NGUYEN THI XUYENProduction Division
Quality Assurance
Department Manager

I want to deliver Morinaga products and values to Vietnam Market.

TRINH TUAN ANHMarketing Department
Product Manager
Morinaga Brands
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